Come to Life by the Lake ...

Kinloch Development Fall River NSIt's a moment you've always dreamed of. The last rays of sunset on the lake. The soft sound of wind in the trees. The lap of waves on the shore. And at the end of the day, the porch light that welcomes you home - like a beacon in the harbour - across the broad green lawn of your property.

That's what life is like in Lake Country. Where the trees are a little farther apart and the people are a little closer.

There really isn't anything quite like living in Kinloch. Your own acreage. The beautiful, innovative home designs. The parks and conveniences of Fall River.

Where Bedford is just down the road. Sobey's Mall is just around the corner. The airport is a short drive away. And the big city is just close enough for comfort.

You get so much more out of life when you live by the lake. But then you knew that all along.

Kinloch Developments Fall River NS

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